This website has been built with accessibility and usability in mind, so we hope you can find, access and use the information you need easily. This page explains the accessibility features available on the website.

Changing the text size

You can change the text size of the main content areas in this website by clicking on one of the "change text size" buttons at the top of every page to either increase or decrease the text size.

Navigating around the web site using access keys

To help you find your way around the website there are a number of navigation aids:

Access keys

The keys are used in conjunction with the 'Alt' or 'Ctrl' keys and 'Enter' key (which vary depending on your browser).

  1. Hold down the:
    • 'Alt' key if using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer for Windows
    • 'Ctrl' key if using Mozilla/Firefox, or if using Internet Explorer or Safari on a Mac
  2. Simultaneously select a key from the list below.
  3. Press 'Enter' if using Internet Explorer for Windows PC (other browsers go to the page immediately).

Access key list

[0] - Accessibility page (this page)
[1] - Homepage
[2] - Skip to content
[6] - Sitemap
[7] - Main menu
[8] - Contact
[9] - Footer

Skip to content

For people using screen readers the first link on every page says "skip to content". Following this link will skip straight to the content of the page. The page header and navigation is repeated on every page so this avoids hearing it again and again.

The access key for jumping straight to the navigation menu is 7. You can use this shortcut on any page.


We have provided a sitemap of the website. This is the best place to get an overview of what is available on the website. The links in the sitemap take you to every page of the site. The access key taking you to the sitemap is 6. You can use this shortcut on any page.

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